Follow the Mariner’s Compass

Our first project was a king sized Mariner’s Compass quilt made by Ursel Ernst.  It was dropped off two weeks ago & picked up less than an hour after we called to say it was ready.  What happened in that two week interim? TGQ designed a pattern to accentuate the beautiful paper piecing done to set the blocks together and chose a thread colour to compliment the quilt. 

This close up of the block shows the quilting after the Statler has begun to do its job.

The LED lights on the Statler ensures we can monitor the quilting as it is done, but look closely, you will see the intricate design on the part of the quilt that has been rolled as well as the blocks.  The pearl thread shows beautifully on front and back!  This quilt could be turned midway through the year to give the room a completely different look.

03_Ursel Mariners Compass_3.jpg

The finished product!  The quilt is draped over the Statler so the customer could inspect the workmanship.  It will be on display mid-September.  Stop by and have a look!   

04_Ursel Mariners Compass Final.jpg

Lastly, here’s a bit of trivia about the quilt.  This is the first quilt top Ursel ever made!  It’s stunning and we feel honoured she trusted TGQ to quilt it.  Thank you, Ursel!  Keep quilting my friend!