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Current Turnaround time: Approximately 2 weeks


How to prep your quilt 


+ Do

Pin a note to label the top of the quilt, if the quilt top is directional.

Press seams and trim stray threads so that they do not show through the fabric. Repair work to the top is $5 per seam.

Ensure the top is square.

Trim off selvages before piecing.

+ Do not

Add pins, buttons, or other accoutrements. You can embellish after it’s quilted!

Do any basting. We will baste it in place once it's loaded on the long arm.

+ Additional tips

Provide a minimum of 3 extra inches of backing on each side of the quilt. For example, if your quilt measures 54" x 60", your backing should measure at least 60" x 66".

It's best to avoid seams in the center of backing. This will help your quilt hold up better over the years as there isn't stress on that pieced seam as it's folded, laundered etc. Pieced backings must have seams that run parallel to the top and bottom edges in order to help keep the tautness on the frame consistent. Reminder: trim selvages before piecing the back.

Properly apply borders and/or sashings by pressing and squaring up your quilt top (fold in half, measure along the center fold to get the length of your quilt, then cut border/sashing to this measurement and pin to make your quilt edges fit your border. Do the same for the width of the quilt.) Do not sew a strip on, and then trim the fabric away. This technique can cause extra fabric on one side or both, resulting in tucks and puckers.