The Gentleman Quilter



Your quilt tells a story! After all, it is a masterpiece that is at once personal and unique. You are joining the countless generations who have pieced quilts as a visible act of love. Whether it is pieced together from scraps or new material, it represents the handiwork and devotion of YOU!  Your quilt is a deep and comforting connection with the person it is presented to, let us quilt it for you. Our services include:


Long arm quilting service

AND custom quilts

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To calculate pricing for edge to edge or custom quilting, apply the square inches of your quilt to the price per square inch of the desired type of quilting listed below, using this equation:

width X length X Cost/square inch


To calculate batting, add six inches to the width of quilt top and multiply by the pricing listed below under "Batting".


+ Edge to edge

Loose - $0.02/square inch

Dense - $0.025/square inch

+ Custom

Loose - $0.03/square inch

Dense - $0.035/square inch

+ Batting

80/20 blend - $0.27/linear inch

Heirloom wool - $0.40/linear inch

+ Thread

Thread - $2/bobbin

Color changes - $5 for each additional color

+ Binding

Binding applied to quilt front - $0.12/inch

Binding completed (machine) - $0.15/inch

+ Repairs

Seams requiring repair, reinforcement, etc. is $5 per seam.

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