Mad About Plaid!

If you recall the Mariner’s Compass quilt we did for Ursel, you know her talent is limitless and she likes a challenge.  For the most recent quilt she brought us, she found the idea on Pinterest & used 15 men’s plaid dress shirts to create this really interesting quilt.  She chose red and gray borders to define the edges. 

Plaid 1.jpg


She then used the plaid to create an interesting final border with cornerstones made from the same red fabric as the narrow inner border. 

Plaid 2.jpg


This quilt is for her son and she chose a nice back for to contrast the angles of blocks and plaid pattern of fabric. The blue is a nice play for the various shades of blue found in the plaids. 

Plaid 3.jpg


So that meant it needed an equally interesting quilt design.  Three patterns were used - the first is an alternating circle and rectangle design covering the top in a metallic gold thread; the second pattern has circles quilted over the inner borders in a navy thread; and the third design is a fun rectangle pattern done in the gold thread. 

Plaid 4.jpg

We hope he loves it!