Two in one

We have a good friend, Rita, who retired from a career in nursing and thought quilting might be fun.  You should see her work!  She’s a pro already! One of her early projects required her to rework the angles of triangles. Turn an equilateral into an isosceles – gulp!  She did it! She regularly attends classes and has such an eye for combining colours that we jumped at the chance to quilt this piece for her.  

aussie front.jpg


Have a look at this project she recently completed for a dear friend who really only had one requirement….animal prints.  Rita had fun with this by using Australian fabrics instead of a traditional animal print.  The quilting pattern is an intricate leaf-like design. The dark piece is bordered in a light fabric to show it off, but look closely at the block next to it. It doesn’t have a border sewed to it.  She smartly let the bronze pattern in the fabric give the illusion of an attached border.  The use of three borders in complimentary colours really makes the blocks stand out. 

aussie block.jpg


When she contacted us, she said the back might be an issue because it couldn’t be pieced.  This caught my attention because I’ve seen her work magic when it comes to piecing ANYTHING!  As always, we say, “Let’s see it.”  The back is so beautiful, but she’s right, you would drive yourself crazy trying to piece this!!  It was a tight fit on the long arm, but it worked. 

aussie back.jpg

Often we don’t get to see the quilt after it has been bound, but we were lucky with this one.  When Rita showed it to us, we kept turning this front and back because we couldn’t decide which side we liked best!  Often quilts will have a beautiful back, but this truly is a “two quilts in one” quilt!  We hope her friend gets years of enjoyment from it.