What does a $3,800 quilt look like?

What does a $3,800.00 quilt look like?  Well, here’s how it starts…. You need six colours for the pattern, a good choice for the border, and a back to finish it.



A wonderful coworker, Nancy, who became an even more wonderful friend was retiring and I wanted to make her a quilt.  The pattern “Trip Around the World” is a quick one to put together and we found fabrics that just suited her.  It quickly became a 45” x 50” throw. 



She was surprised when she opened it and loved it. Here it is all finished, but the story doesn’t end here. 

(These aren't The Gentleman Quilter's red toes!)

(These aren't The Gentleman Quilter's red toes!)


She used it in a couple different rooms before deciding on buying new furniture all picked out around the quilt colours!  This included a couple of chairs in saddle (brown) and the sofa is an oatmeal shade which really makes the quilt stand out.  And now their nest is complete!  



We may start adding a disclaimer “If you spend over $3,000 on new furniture because of our quilts, WE'RE NOT RESPONSIBLE!"  :-)

Seriously, so happy it’s being used and loved!